Sahara Base with Rust/Red/Charcoal Accents


Concrete Curbing

   We offer multiple styles and colors of

   curbing to fit your landscape needs.

   Curbing offers a long lasting, low maintenance way to improve your curb 

   appeal and aesthetic of your home and


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Pewter Grey Base with Rust/Red/Charcoal Accents

Sahara Base with Rust/Walnut/Charcoal Accents

Sahara Base with Biege/Red/Charcoal Accents

Concrete Curbing is a professionally installed, permanent, attractive concrete border edging that provides great additions and solutions to any landscape and serves as a weed and grass barrier by outlining flowerbeds. Decorative concrete curbing can be installed around trees, flowerbeds, along walkways and just about anywhere you like. Our curbing is available in multiple shapes, colors and textures.

Canyon Brown Base with Walnut/Charcoal Accents

 Marble Block

Slate Base with Walnut/Rust Accents

 Slate Rock Random and Block

 Blue Stone Random and Block

Atlantic Grey Base with Slate/Charcoal Accents

Pewter Grey Base with Rust/Slate/Charcoal Accents

Slate Base with Rust/Biege Accents

 Marble Random

Brown Base with Walnut/Rust/Charcoal Accents

Earthy Tan Base with Rust/Walnut/Red/Charcoal Accents

Canyon Brown Base with Rust/Walnut/Charcoal Accents

Canyon Brown Base with Rust/Walnut/Slate Accents

Carved Marble Block

Slate Base with Slate Grey/Ash Gray/Charcoal Accents

Canyon Brown with Rust/Red/Walnut/Charcoal Accents

 Pitted Rock Random and Block

Slate Base with Rust/Slate/Charcoal Accents

Random  Carved Marble

Slate Base with Rust/Roman Clay/Charcoal Accents

Pewter Base with Rust/Charcoal Accents

Slate Base with Rust/Roman Clay/Charcoal Accents

Canyon Brown Base with Rust/Red/Slate Accents

Slate Base with Rust/Walnut/Red/Charcoal Accents

Canyon Brown Base with Rust/Red/Charcoal Accents

Slate Base with Rust/Beige/Charcoal Accents

Slate Base with Rust/Ash Gray/Charcoal Accents