Custom Natural Stone Curbing

We integrate our permanent "rain drains" right into your curb. Get rid of those store-bought plastic or concrete ones that break and collect mold and mildew and replace them with a colorful and protected "rain drain" that will last for years and blend into your landscaping rather than stick out like an afterthought.

Our pricing is all-inclusive. Your curb will include any choice of integral color mixed into the concrete, any number of accent colors you want, any texture and any joint pattern you want. Our price also includes our 2-year Sealer with UV protection and Mold/Mildew inhibitors built right in.





Our Curbing includes a more durable concrete mixture with twice the amount of Portland Cement as standard curbing, as well as fiber reinforcement and a proprietary blend of chemicals to enhance strength and protect color. If properly cared for, your curbing should last 20-30 years.

If you can imagine it, we can probably do it. From custom matching stepping stones to patio step outs and garbage bin platforms, we got you covered. 

designing your dreams into reality

"rain Drains"



The Choices are endless! With multiple choices of color combinations, textures and joint patterns we can create a curb that is unique to you and your home.  During your free consultation, we will help guide you through all of the choices and what will fit your needs and look the best for your home.