Who doesn't love the soothing sounds of a running waterfall or water feature in the background. Whether you are interested in a standalone feature or one that blends into your landscape, we can help. Water features can be done in all shapes and sizes, from ponds and waterfalls to fountains, custom pots, boulders or pondless waterfalls.



plant guide



Which plants should I use? What will fit the space and create the look I want to achieve? We will help you with the daunting task of picking the right plants and materials for your landscape project. We prefer to use low-maintenance plants that will be easy for you to maintain and keep your landscape beautiful. The choices of colors and textures is endless. 

We provide you with a 3D Design of your home and landscape. This allows you to truly visualize what your outdoor space will look like before work begins. You will be able to see your landscape from different angles allowing you to see the textures and colors that will create your outdoor space.  Start the design process today with a Free Consultation.

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We provide you with a  detailed blueprint of your design in full color. The blueprint allows you to see the specifics of your design and a true idea of the scope and size of your project. There are pictures and descriptions of every plant and material used in your design. It is also a makes HOA approval a breeze if you live in a community.

Want to continue to enjoy your outdoor spaces after the sun goes down? Or maybe provide some additional security for you home? We can help design and install a lighting system for any and all of your needs. Shed some light on your landscaping, outdoor living spaces and walkways.

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